Independent Living Programme

The Independent Living Skills Development Program is designed to help People with different categories of disabilities to make the most of abilities and increase their self-reliance and self-confidence. By providing with training, resources, and information on adaptive equipment, we help them take control of their life in order to live independently. Such as Personal Hygiene, dressing and clothing care, health care, cooking, eating, nutrition, home management and home safety, financial management, personal growth, awareness, problem solving and community access.

Therefore besides, PUCHONG Beautiful Gate Provide Training PROGRAMME:

  • Occupational Therapy.
  • Music Therapy.
  • Dance Therapy.
  • Independent Living Development
  • Basic Life skill
  • Vocational Skill
  • Social development.
  • Character Development.
  • Spiritual Development.
  • Economic Empowerment.
  • General Education catering to the intellectually challenged.



  • 职能治疗
  • 音乐治疗
  • 舞蹈治疗
  • 社交发展
  • 品格塑造
  • 心灵建设
  • 经济自主
  • 基本生活技能
  • 职业技能
  • 自立生活
  • 基本教育