Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled
Puchong Centre (Hope Factory)

Beautiful Gate Foundation is a non-profitable organization, committed to serve People with Disabilities. We provide living-skills & vocational skills training, social work services, educational services, and we are also actively organizing disabilities awareness activities. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities and assisting them to integrate into mainstream society eventually. Our work and services are sponsored, endorsed and supported by various churches, organizations and the public in general.

In 2013, Beautiful Gate Foundation has set up a Vocational Training Centre Puchong for the disable people, known as 《Hope Factory》; it is the eight centers established under Chinese Methodist Church Annual Conferences in Malaysia, aims to provide vocational training, job opportunities and services for young adult with learning disabilities in Puchong and surrounding area.

Puchong Beautiful Gate Vocational Training Centre building was donated by Goodwill Community Foundation from U.S.A in year 2009 in order to extend the recycling project and to provide job opportunities to disabled community; a one and half-storey factory was renovated and extended into a 2-storey building with training and recycle facilities.

In year 2010, a working committee was form with the support of volunteers from churches in Puchong, Subang Jaya, USJ, Shah Alam and New Life Restoration Centre to overseeing the set up of this center. Finally with God’s Grace, the 《Hope Factory》 has started to provide services to the disabled group in March 2013 and subsequently officially open on 13 May 2013.

美门残障关怀基金会  –  蒲种中心《希望工厂》



此中心乃是获得由美国Goodwill Community Foundation 于2009 年所捐献,同时,2010年由蒲种、梳邦、莎亚南及八达灵新生命堂的各教会和一群志工同心开始积极筹备;使中心能在2013年3月为残障朋友提供服务,且于5月13日正式开始运作。